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Boudoir Photographer

London, Ontario

Whether you are someone who wants to reclaim your sexiness, boost your confidence, gain some self-love, give your significant other a gift, get outside of the box with a new experience or just treat yourself (because you deserve it!), a boudoir session at the Best Me Boudoir studio is exactly what you need!

It's "Best Me" Boudoir because the aim for this experience is to promote being your happiest and most authentic self. Loving the authentic you, not striving to live up to anyone else's standards, having confidence in YOU and your unique beauty. You deserve to be gentle with yourself and give yourself the props and love for doing everything you do. The best you doesn't have to be completely put together with a seamless picture perfect life and no problems. Everyone's life is messy sometimes, a lot of the time we aren't exactly where we want to be, looking exactly how we would like. But that is the beauty of the Best Me, because the best version of you looks authentic, confident and happy in the skin you are in RIGHT NOW. Period.

Booking a session with me will sprinkle a little extra self-love into your life and leave you with some beautiful pictures and products that you will have forever.


This experience is open to EVERY woman. All confidence levels, shapes, sizes, abilities, races and ages (19+). The world is made up of so many beautiful women and I want each and every one to see their own beauty and uniqueness and OWN IT.

Amanda M.

“This was my first boudoir shoot ever and I went into the process feeling pretty nervous and unsure of how I’d deal with all of my physical insecurities. As soon as I got to the studio, Hayley made me feel SUPER comfortable and filled me with so much self confidence. I left feeling like a million bucks, and that feeling was intensified when I received the pictures back!! I could not believe how fantastic they looked. I highly recommend Hayley for anyone looking for a boudoir photographer!"



Over the span of my life I have noticed a theme with the women that I have met. They are always incredibly critical of their own bodies. A lot appreciating everyone else's but their own. Add in the pressure of society and social media, and they REALLY don't like their bodies. I started noticing it even more when I started my photography career. "Make sure you get my good side", "Does my stomach look big?", "Oh my god, my nose looks huge!". I've always understood, because I am also a woman who no different than the rest, get's insecure about my body sometimes. Where I really started to think was when I heard those statements but I consciously realized that the person standing in front of me was BEAUTIFUL. If you gave me the ability to change anything on that person, there wasn't one thing. And in fact some of the things that they criticized about their body were things that I longed to have my whole life. That's when I realized it was a problem. It was a problem that they viewed them self that way. It was a problem that they openly demeaned them self to another person. And it was a problem that society shows them that is an acceptable way to treat yourself. Beauty standards are through the roof. So many of the images that the media portrays of women is NOT HUMANLY POSSIBLE. 


*Enter the Best Me Boudoir*


I'm here to drown that self doubt in self love. We can have our off days where we feel a little self conscious (it's unrealistic to think we can't just feel), but I'm here to help you realize that the body you are currently in is perfectly fine. Beautiful IN FACT. Your body will go through hundreds of changes in your lifetime. It might bear children, grow, shrink, go through trauma. It will go through exhaustion, pain, and things you didn't even think it could make it through. But at the end of the day, at the end of your life, it's YOURS. No one else gets a body that is exactly like yours, and we should celebrate that. That is SO EXCITING. Our bodies do so much for us, and the least we can do is love them. So if you're ready to dive into some self love, happiness and a couple hours of celebrating the beautiful YOU, book a session with me. 


Fall a little more in love with yourself 


And you deserve to treat yourself, so book the shoot!

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